When we think of digital customer experience, we expect a few companies come to mind. None more so than Uber and Amazon. They are amongst the best in the world at providing a consistent digital customer experience. You could say that they’re setting the standards the rest of us have to, and need to, follow.

Customer experience (CX) is crucial, whether on web or mobile. Customers expect to be able to do exactly the same things wherever they interact with a company – they want the convenience of not having to think. It looks the same and it does the same thing. It makes their lives easier.

Most companies think of apps when it comes to digital customer experience, and an app CAN be great, but may not deliver anywhere near its financial potential and return because of bad CX. In fact, it’s mooted that CX leaders deliver 3 times more economic value than CX laggards! (Watermark Consulting 2019 Customer Experience ROI Study.)

That’s where OutSystems comes in. They’ve baked some brilliant new features into their platform that we think focus on helping organisations accelerate their CX transformations.

Let’s break them down.

The Experience Builder

We talk about customer experience and the Experience Builder is designed to help you deliver just that. There’s no need to build and integrate multiple pieces of the interfaces being developed. This lets developers focus their attention on what matters the most: delivering great user experiences.

Built-in Reactive Web Technology

Remember the user’s need to access anywhere, anytime and any device? The built-in reactive web technology has state of the art UI components which are consistent across mobile and web reusable channels. They reflect the best CX practices and deliver increased delivery speed and experience quality.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Up to now, app stores have been king. It’s a race to see whether your app is number one. PWAs does away with this by ensuring applications can be easily discovered without downloading them from app stores reducing obstacles to adoption. Outsystems automatically packages these apps with no reduction in the customer experience.

Automated Frameworks for Chatbots and Voice

“Alexa, tell me…” The use of voice-activated assistants and chatbots is on the rise. Whether it’s Alexa, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, users are multiplatform. The framework OutSystems provides allows developers to incorporate these features faster and more simply into code. This does away with specialist AI developers.

To sum up, businesses live or die by their customer experience. It’s the difference between winners and losers in a world where everyone is trying to differentiate themselves and increase revenue. Our connected world is becoming even more connected and companies who achieve seamless CX in a fast, reliable way will be the future winners.

For more details about these new features, read this OutSystems article.

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