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We will be speaking to IT leaders and OutSystems MVP’s on how OutSystems has transformed their businesses and careers.

With this podcast our aim is to increase awareness and appreciation of OutSystems and its impact and benefits to the market, and how early adoption is giving competitive edge to businesses worldwide.

We also hope by speaking to MVP’s on their career journeys we can inspire developers from all over the world to learn from others who have already been on the path.


OutSystems MVP

In this episode we speak to OutSystems MVP Orla Dijkink about her journey from Cobol Developer to OutSystems Developer. First introduced to OutSystems by her company in 2015, Orla has been developing with OutSystems for 6 years and enjoying every minute, working for one of the leading OutSystems partners in the Netherlands. Orla is now one of few female OutSystems MVPs who is leading the charge for women in tech and programming.


Head of Technology, Shepherd and Wedderburn

In this episode, we meet Steve Dalgleish, Head of Technology at the Edinburgh based law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn. Learn how Steve spearheaded Digital Transformation using OutSystems to gain significant efficiency and improved customer experience, whilst building up the OS team. An early adopter since 2014, OutSystems has enabled streamlining of internal operations as well as enhancing customer experience through building innovative customer facing applications.


Director of Digital Product Delivery, Constellation

In this episode, we speak to Tiffany Lauria, Director of Digital Product Delivery at Minnesota based Constellation. Constellation are a partnership of medical professional liability insurers and health service companies specialising in helping insurers manager through medical liability cases. Learn how Constellation built a slick digital solution in 4 months using OutSystems to manage the entire process for claims including auto billing, increasing efficiency, and saving time for all involved.


OutSystems MVP

In this episode, we speak to Justin James, OutSystems MVP and Chief Architect at Cloud Development Resources. Justin was first introduced to OutSystems in 2009 when it was not really heard of so he talks about how he went from being sceptical in the beginning to then building an app that he had estimated would take 3-6 months in just 3 days using OutSystems. We also hear about Justin’s first trip to Portugal where he got himself an OutSystems tattoo and his first experience with tuna pizza.


Software Development Lead, Kiandra

In this episode Stuart Harris, Software Development Lead at Kiandra, talks about how he has embraced OutSystems, and how this has given Kiandra’s customers competitive edge in their Digital Transformation. Kiandra is an award winning IT consultancy and OutSystems Partner based in Melbourne, Australia.


Gradén Mattsson AB

In this episode we talk to Jan Gapinski, COO at Graden Mattson AB, a leading Swedish based Contact Service Centre Provider. Learn how since adopting OutSystems, Gradén Mattsson has completely transformed their sales and customer applications — establishing an in-house dev team to rebuild the two business-critical apps and reducing their manual workload by 80%.

João Neves


In this episode we speak to OutSystems MVP João Neves Sousa about his journey through .Net to project management to OutSystems. He talks about moving to the Netherlands and combining meet up groups and how he got more and more involved in the OutSystems community and set up the first groups in Germany as well as his love for the platform and why its future is bright.

Ricardo Artur

Montepio Credito

In this episode, we speak to Ricardo Artur Ribeiro, Chief Transformation Officer at Montpelio Credito, a Portugal based leader in Credit Referencing. Learn how Montpelio Credito used OutSystems to build omni channel solutions for its customers during a major digital transformation program. Using OutSystems has allowed them to gain competitive advantage in the market with the digital application process now 100% automated, credit approvals increasing by a factor of 48x and their 500 channel partner relationships strengthened.


Director of Digital & IT,
CMS Legal

In this episode we speak to Helder Santos, Director of Digital & IT at CMS Legal, a top 10 global law firm with operations in 40+ countries and 70 offices worldwide.

Find out how CMS has used OutSystems to increase value for customers and deliver better user experiences to internal audiences by delivering two new critical apps to meet their different needs, all while building critical collaboration across its diverse member firms and simplifying its IT systems.



In this episode, we speak to OutSystems MVP Marcelo Ferreira, Head of OutSystems at Near Partner, a Portugal based global software house. Find out how Marcelo got into OutSystems in 2010 starting with version 4.2 to now using it for the last decade. He also speaks about the importance of the OutSystems Community and how he went from using the Community to answer his own questions to someone who helped and guided others in the community, which led to him becoming an MVP in 2018.


Tech Lead,

In this episode, we speak with Nicholas Mates, Technical Lead at Chicago based Lendr, a rapidly growing provider of Working Capital and Factoring Solutions to business. Find out how OutSystems has given the business significant competitive edge in today’s demanding and challenging environment. Nicholas talks about how developing solutions rapidly with minimal developer resources has provided more efficient solutions to solve customer problems.



In this episode we speak to OutSystems MVP Nuno Reis on what made him pursue a career with OutSystems when it wasn’t as well-known as it is today. Nuno started using OutSystems since version 5.1 and was part of the first badge of MVP’s which were announced in 2016. Nuno now runs his own company and is slowly growing his OutSystems team.

Paul Spiller &
Mike De Mello

Chief Architect & Senior Team Lead,

In this episode, we speak with Paul Spiller (Chief Architect) and Mike De Mello (Senior Technical Team Lead) at ieDigital, a leading UK Financial Services Solutions Consultancy. Find out Paul and Mike’s thoughts on how Low Code is transforming technology solutions and how they have used OutSystems to solve customer problems across the industry.



In this episode we speak to the first of many OutSystems MVP’s, Armando Gomes. Armando is an OutSystems expert and MVP since 2018. Listen to Armando speak about how he came across OutSystems, the 80-20 rule and why to be a great developer you should understand business.


Executive Partner,

In this episode we speak to Bruno Costa, Executive VP at Infosistema, OutSystems Certified Partner. Listen to Bruno speak about Infosistema’s DMM offering for OutSystems customers, why developers should give OutSystems a go and why he thinks the pandemic is speeding up companies’ digital transformation.


Systems iO

In our inaugural episode we speak to Angus Kennedy, CTO and Co-Founder of Systems IO, an OutSystems Partner and platform reseller specialising in the insurance sector. Listen in to hear Angus speak about the London Insurance market, benefits of using OutSystems and the future of Low Code.

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