It’s everywhere. Everyone’s talking about it. The late Stephen Hawking warned humanity of the dangers of it! AI and machine learning. Whether you like it or not, this technology is here and is already making an impact on our lives and the way we work.

It’s everywhere except, it seems, in software development, where it’s still in its infancy. Well, that’s until now. You know we’re big fans of OutSystems and they have now developed new AI capabilities for their low-code platform.

What Does this Mean?

Software development can be done even faster than before. And it’s accessible to developers who are still novices, whilst enhancing the skills of those with more experience.

We’re sure you want to know about this development. Let’s look at what we know.

  • OutSystems is already the leader in Rapid Application Development, helping organisations produce mobile and web apps up to 10 times faster than traditional methods.
  • The new AI feature aims to accelerate development time closer to OutSystems’ goal of 100 times faster!
  • They have removed much of the complexity associated with having to use specific architecture, best practice and patterns.
  • They’ve embedded a new “AI Assistant” into their software that makes intelligent suggestions about developers’ intended actions.
  • As is their style, OutSystems has made it easy to use by providing intuitive menus of possible predictive actions which developers can choose in real time.
  • The much-loved drag and drop features are maximised within the AI assistant so whole flows can be created by using these draggable suggestions.
  • New algorithms, X-Ray and Code DNA, have been incorporated after much research into machine learning on code, automated reasoning and code analysis. They work in tandem to ensure the AI Assistant understands and acts on the context of the specific code a developer creates.

As if this wasn’t enough, OutSystems is working to incorporate AI into the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and plans to introduce AI capabilities in its Workflow Builder in 2020. We think this is an exciting development, as well as a forward-thinking move.

The road to faster, easier software development by developers and non-developers is one step closer!

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