What is OutSystems?

OutSystems is a low-code rapid application development and delivery platform. Quick to develop and built for continuous change at your business speed. “At last companies around the globe are getting the apps they need so they can keep a competitive edge and grow their business.”

OutSystems examined the anatomy of software development and change, and delivered a platform to simplify the process, making it fast, robust, secure, scalable and inexpensive. “Total cost of ownership goes down as productivity and quality go up”.

With OutSystems, it’s easy to extend your applications with your own custom code. And, because OutSystems is an open, standards-based platform with no lock-in, no proprietary data models, or proprietary run-time, you can count on worry-free, future-proof implementations.

OutSystems enables developers to integrate different solutions including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) with the help of pre-developed application connectors. The platform offers integration with solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Excel and MySQL.

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